biix is a major advance in building information technology

smarter buildings, smarter you



biix is full life cycle

Cloud-based software that delivers your building information to you right now. biix manages documentation from design to operations & maintenance (O&M) - the entire building life cycle.

biix overcomes what we call the The Gap.

biix is instant access

It doesn't matter if you are in Sao Paulo Brazil or Washington DC - just click and you have what you need - right now!


Seamless cloud-based integrations, including Dropbox, Google Drive,, One Drive, and more.

Smarter Buildings Smarter you

The smartest part of a Smart Building is you. So, we make accessing information easy for you.

Get the instant information you've been wanting, with biix. With a simple touch, you can pull up building design, operation and maintenance information, and so much more. 

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Distribution of Information in Buildings


When we think of information in buildings, we often think of data. But data is not information. It's data. Information comes at us in forms we recognize, in ways we can work with. It informs. It's useful. It's what we need.


Compare 2009 with 2016

The   comprehensiveness of information   found in buildings is staggering.

The comprehensiveness of information found in buildings is staggering.

Interoperability of Information in Buildings


The basic premise of interoperability is that it allows relationships to be established. Ideally, it allows unlimited relationships, including the ability to accommodate third party apps and software.

Conventional thinking suggests that interoperability is about the exchange of data between various 'smart' systems. We believe data is just a piece of the interoperability puzzle.

Interoperability should include people.

biix is information. it's for people.

The Interoperability of Information: biix is to a building what those easy-to-use apps are to your phone. It makes things easy, useful. Practical.


collecting. gathering. information.

biix: making it easy


Everything you need is at the touch of a finger. Browser and mobile friendly, biix is designed to break down silos - making your information available anytime, anywhere you want it.

It's all in one easy place

Intuitively organized


Check out how we make it easier: There's more than one way to climb a tree.

All of a building's information in one place!


Easily upload files, documents, reports, and far more. It's all available to your entire team - from work, from home, from anywhere in the world. 

  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)
  • O&M Documentation, Design Data
  • Chiller/Boiler Plants, AHUs, VAVs, Hoods
  • Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) 
  • Lighting Control, ATS, UPS, Generators
  • Fire Alarm/Life Safety, Access & Security
  • Specialty Systems
  • Control sequences, 1-lines, SOPs, Emergency Procedures



biix is so simple anyone can use it


Little to no training required. And unlimited users!

Proven in commercial, high rises, educational, governmental, military, data centers, high tech, pharmaceutical... and more!


Google, Mountain View CA

Google, Mountain View CA

IST Building, Penn State University

IST Building, Penn State University

EPA Headquarters, Federal Triangle, Washington DC

EPA Headquarters, Federal Triangle, Washington DC

Sometimes spending a little time in nature can help open our minds


It works the same way in buildings. We become over-focused on the same things. We forget that life is more than the pursuit of the so-called 'low-hanging fruit' - the typical productivity and energy-savings initiatives. And, more importantly, we forget that most of the fruit is higher up in the tree.



There's a big elephant in the room, and it's called the inability to get information conveniently. This frustrating dilemma has been ignored for way too long. It's time to free up information.

Save up to 2-4 hours per work order



No more climbing down off a ladder, descending 20 stories to the basement, to look for some repair information or a simple sequence of operation.

No more wandering around opening ceiling tiles for a couple hours to find finally find that asset hidden above the ceiling.




Finally, your team can stop wasting so much time looking for things that can't be found.

No more driving a 90 mile round trip to find documentation for an asset located out in the desert.

biix is all about making it really simple to access your information.



biix DEMOs

biix smartTags

biix blog

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